Quadro Consulting provides superior Information Technology related services, including technology consulting, software development, quality assurance, managed services, digital marketing and social media consulting, design and much more. Software development expertise spans from startup projects to enterprise solutions, covering diverse platforms, tools and industries.

Our services can benefit companies with limited technical resources or experience, as well as companies with vast software teams and skills that are considering efficient outsourcing partnerships. Whether you are looking for extra resources, specific skills or just need help with a new approach and fresh ideas, we provide it all.



Web Development

Our teams have created numerous websites using both open source and custom Contact Management Systems.We make the most of the latest technologies and believe in User Experience & creative backend design.


Mobile Applications

We offer scalable, robust, seamless, and interoperable iOS and Android applications. With each project our experienced developers maximize customer ideas and create successful and inventive business tools.


Custom software

For large-scale custom software development projects we offer to lead and oversee, or integrate our skills with client software teams. We develop applications technically and commercially successful in virtually any industry.


Executive search

Quadro Consulting started with providing recruitment services over a decade ago. Our applicant's technical knowledge and experience are always paired with positive personalities, teamwork and interpersonal skills.


Outsourcing is the most efficient way for companies to keep pace with the continuous changes in information technology and digital marketing demands. It is also almost the only efficient way that small companies can provide outstanding presence on the Internet, enabling them to even outshine large companies with superior technology budgets.

Modern logos, creative web pages, apps for diverse mobile platforms, active Social Media participation, e-sales, search engine ranking and the likeare just the starting point of today's survival in the market.

Quadro Consulting specializes in outsourcing and will provide all these services, and more. The concept of outsourcing allows companies to chose the designers, software developers and project managers that suite their specific demands with incomparable cost saving. Technology outsourcing is not an instrument only used by smaller companies. Giants, such as Cisco or Sony, also outsource projects as important as core systems programming and prototyping.

The social profile of today's customers has changed and businesses are facing a more demanding set of consumers with high expectations. Make use of technology to your advantage, to transform your company to become responsive and more agile. Do not hesitate to embrace technology transformation and deployment, as delaying can be detrimental to your business.

Before you engage any resources in your next project, big or small, let Quadro Consulting suggest an approach. We have unlimited resources and expertise. Our network of professional links and relations enables us to take on almost any professional challenge related to Information Technology services.

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We build: complex web sites, iOS and Android applications, as well as applications and custom solutions in many fields, such as banking, billing, insurance, retail, e-government, Business Intelligence, Point of Sales, manufacturing, and Document Management.

Meet the team

Nebojsa Zalica

Nebojsa Zalica

Senior Partner

Nebojsa began his professional career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia becoming the Economic Attache of the Yugoslav Embassy in Bonn in 1990. After 6 years he left diplomacy for a sales and marketing career and was regional Managing Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the furniture and steel trading industries.

With the introduction of the German "green card" in 2001, Nebojsa started matching professionals and specialists from Eastern Europe and the Balkans with companies in Germany and Canada.


Milan Skoro

Milan Skoro

Senior Partner

Milan started his professional career in the early 80-es as a software developer and Project Manager for Iskra Delta Computers. In 1990, he joined Hyatt Hotels Corporation, and held senior and regional positions, based in various times in Serbia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain and Switzerland. Before joining the Quadro team, Milan was the Information Technology Director for Hyatt EAME.

As such, Milan gained valuable experience in managing large scale technology projects, standardization and compliance implementation, headhunting, and lecturing in the hospitality industry.


We provide diverse Information Technology related services including technology consulting, software development, quality assurance, managed services, digital marketing, social media consulting, e-commerce, web design and much more.