New Web site

Quadro Consulting decided to (finally) revamp our old “temporary” website. Experienced programmers know, temporary solutions have a tendency of becoming permanent, and such was the case with our web presence for quite some time.

We are not the first IT company that ended up having an overinflated challenge when working on their own site. I guess the path is familiar for some of you: start very big, and keep on adding visual ideas, animations… Then you realize that you are in a very busy period, that the designers and developers are all at a peak of being busy, as they always seem to be, and that insisting on a killer website will prolong the life of the “temporary” one.

We downsized the ambition, choose a WP theme, and the next steps were to rewrite the copy and select the imagery. Djordje and his team provided the design in no time, images were selected without too much hassle, but the struggle with the copy… Customers usually provide the copy for us, and in the past we even had a proper copywriting team for content management. We decided it would be best to do the copy ourselves without any help. Then came the doubts, what should the copy be like; braggy or modest, serious or informal, lengthy or short…. OK, done, sent to David for the proofing, whose edit made it clear that developers and designers should stick to development and design.

The result of the turn-of-the year efforts is here. In the process we decided to create an additional website, for the Serbian entity Duos Asinos that produces the code and the designs, and have this site created a bit more… jovial. We are working on it right now.

Quadro Consulting