Quadro Consulting is a company founded and based in Bonn, Germany. We specialize in Information Technology and various design services. We produce testable, maintainable, and scalable software that is easy to understand and use, and provide design solutions that shape and improve user experience.

Our core philosophy is to provide our clients with the best of breed services, utilizing outstanding expertise and top talent. Having a range of collaborating teams, we offer solutions that fulfill diverse customer requirements and expectations that include pricing levels, technologies in use, size, design approach, expertise, and experience, and so forth.


  • Managed by an expert executive with over 20 years of managerial experience in a top US corporation with diverse international and multi-cultural exposure
  • Software Strategies, Architecture, and hands-on Leadership of our major projects are in the hands and minds of two renowned PhD level professors, supervised and mentored through three Doctorands
  • Young developers and designers were selected as best of the generation and handpicked by their professors, allowing consistent and established relationships to be transferred from school to office
  • Our philosophy is that it is possible and fair to provide superior service utilizing first-class experts at competitive pricing
  • The Company size is flexible, and the teams can seamlessly grow. We love the challenge of capital, long-term projects, but are happy to be involved in smaller ventures